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  eternal return of days: moving on,
in love (however silly) of good times

gary e. davis
Dec. 10, 2018
I wake to any day as potential potpourri of events and things that I may appreciate and may seek to affect or employ well.

A day may be a phenomenal miscellany, mélange, motley montage, salmagundi, farrago, gallimaufry, or omnium-gatherum for giving way to bricolagic play.

Suppose the purpose of life is adventure—of Mind, in my vista.

What can be wholly flourishing life? What is exemplary intelligence, protean audacity, leading mind? How fairly can exuberance of literary feeling be?

What is highly worthwhile in conceptual inquiry? How may multi-modal,
inter-domainal venturing become a radiant gravity of Our evolving?

What can best become of humanity at Our point in the galaxy?

I wake up to a day—potential for being—that my life grants truly (appreciatively) and bears (effectively) well, I hope.


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