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gary e. davis
February 13, 2019
Like a stream that flows because it’s drawn forward by gravity (not because it began from its branches of rivulets), a life goes well because its future appeals. Being well is appealing. Being is intrinsically futural.

A sense of presence (intelligent life) is alive to what may be done. Being past is relative to where one’s going in life, by design (ideally), thus having been for the sake of being on the way to moving on—being in The Appeal.

That simple notion is vastly concealed by conceiving life Meaning as originating from its past (Originism, I call it) , as if even plants are essentially about the seed. Plants begin from seeds, yet always gaining life phenotypically relative to environmental advents (which doesn’t simply unfold from seed like an algorithmic formalism). Life thrives unpredictably due to adaptability in relation to what’s to be. The better adaptability, the better chances for spawning more-adaptable futures for its kind—thus, given intelligence of life, emplacing promise of better being.

The Point of being is not given; it’s made, relative to purposive appeals; and actively given an appropriate past, which could not have been simply given.
(We conceive of things “being” alive relative to our being a conceivability.
Being is about intelligent life.)

Origination for intelligent life is always relative to a potentiation of open futurity. The appeal of a child is about her open potential. So, too, for all being well.

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