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aspects of being well

gary e. davis
February 19, 2019
Before I began this precursory excursion into the notion of “being well,” I planned to give attention to many more topics, but I’ve decided to introduce those later in better detail than I feel like doing now (because I want to move on to new bibliophilia offline, for the sake of new discussion online).

All of the sections above are beginnings, as I mentioned, especially the sub-sections of “other basic aspects of being well” (needless to say, I hope).

So much lies ahead for conceptual inquiry that I might well say that “conceptual aspects of being well” is not even fairly introduced.

I want to clarify a post-sociocentric understanding of the difference between (a) interpersonal life through individuation and (b) individuation through interpersonal life. The mutuality of dynamics enables creativity more by being more (a) than (b); of (a) orienting (b) more than the converse.

A well-developed understanding of S/s/p differentiality involves psychodynamics that are standardly addressed in psychotherapeutic process, but those dynamics are of individuation merely showing in intensive analysis because they belong to ordinary individuation!—yet also involve potentials important to tropical phenomenology, philology, and conceptual prospecting through discursive reading.

A notion of dramactionality, which is barely hinted in this February version of “being well,” has been discussed briefly in several earlier topics (here and here), not yet in fair detail. Shakespeare’s quip that all the world’s a stage is gross understatement: All the world’s a manifold of theaters. Artistry of living is a Janus-faced dramatic art of ideally high flourishing channeled through events of appropriation that are flexibly at home, whatever the house.

I want to dwell with technicalities of ethics. And I want to bridge the kind of discussions belonging here, “being well,” with richer senses of goodG society (via cultivation of flexible adaptability, perspectivity, and creative potential) that is already introduced for “progressive practice.”

The large proportion of my interest in being well hasn’t been discussed at all here: enabling individuation through good parenting, understanding eras of child individuation, being a teen, and making emergent adulthood a waystation to a fulfilling life where learning never ends. And much more.

All in all, “being well” is a preface to other Areas here. End of last December, I set out to write short discussions for each Area of The Project. “Wholly flourishing” is so short, presently, that I might say it’s not begun, though there are years of notes to shape into many specific topics. The next few Area discussions (December, 2018) are relatively short. But in early January the Area discussions took on subsections with their own pages, and “discursive moments” got very long (many separate pages of long discussions); and “progressive practice” long, too (though shorter than “discursive moments”).

This February discussion for “being well” was written last, which is common for introductory discussions in books. The December-to-February set of discussions may indeed be the length of a short book, I don’t know. The MSWord draft of everything for this December—February set indicates 103 pages (over 39,000 words). But who cares. The Project itself is, so far, over 1,500 pages. And soon,
I’ll really begin.

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