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  in virtue of loving real mysteries
gary e. davis
January 1, 2019

Given a worthwhile life, I’m drawn into mysteries of how life goes well, especially how persons (Selves) may love self-pluralization (manifold flexibility for interaction), be fascinated by diversity, and welcome hybridization of life prospects.

How may such belong well with manifold potentials in education, emergent conceptuality in interdomainal humanities, and aspiration to be part of leading sciences? How well can we understand that Our (shared) evolving enables the best in Our humanity, which enables the best in each life?

Consider life as tending, for intrinsic reasons, toward wholly flourishing (such that the common inhibition of that is about suppressing intrinsic value). Consider the world as tending toward ecologically flourishing humanity. Consider the aims of education as leading auratic life into its ownmost appropriating of “the” world.

I consider “lifeworld flourishing” to imply a luscious manifold of intrinsic values that draw talent into its ownmost future domain mastery whose admirability may see itself fielded well.

Consider as a cohering 3-fold (a) actualized talent [“growing up”], (b) domain mastery [“achieving a lot”], and (c) field efficacy [“paying forward”]: That’s the oriental 3-fold axis of creativity theorized and advanced by a founder of positive psychology, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (“chick-zent-me-high”); referenced later as ‘MC’.

Why not give creativity axial importance for understanding human potential in broad conceptual prospecting? Human “nature” is that which provides potential for important creativity (“important”: excellent exemplarity).

May an ethos—the ethos?—of contemporaneity serve enabling, advancing, and promoting general enhancement of humanity, thanks to Good (leading) works.

May high cultural humanism prevail in the conception of global humanity, where leading culture (scientific artistry) orients Our evolving.

And high flourishing lives intimately with aspiration, like literary love. May literary love channel high ethos.

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