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gary e. davis
January 11, 2019
  A domain is generated. A sphere of relevance is defined. As such, it implies a holism of itself that could be called an ecosphere, resulting from the ecogeny of the domainal or spherical holism. The eco-logy of that results from the generation of the effective sphere.

The holistic sphere is defined by literally detailing the ecosphere: doing ecography, just as a topography implies topological analyzability (having a discernible constitution), which Earth science narrates as, so to speak, topogeny of the constituted (“natural”) domain (topologically via the scientificities—or logies—that are pertinently available).

What we know about ecologies is that they are assemblages of co-habital “strangers,” bricolages of compatibles, kluge neighborhoods of non-dependents (e.g., a typical healthy field or woods) among dependencies and congruences.

Likewise with arrays of interests and topics in academic specialties. “The” arts, “the” humanities are -logal spheres filled with cohabital strangers (“silos” of specialist relations unengaged with other specialties, except as co-habitants of a building) and bricolages of engagements within specialties and projects (and most habitants oblivious of non-needed others).

That’s not wholly regrettable! The fecundity of ecologies, communities of inquiry, academic domains, neighborhoods, etc. is a function of its “messy” internality of commerce, as if reality is a Rauschenbergian montage of potentials (intra-project-ively) and living inter-projects, whose cohering integrity (intra-project and among projects, etc.) is a singularity of lived concerting (and self-concerting).

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