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  AEros of the seminar
gary e. davis
January 11, 2019
  Hegemony of -logies inhibits generativity of bricolagic ecospheres (logogeny) because new figures—tropes and topes (generative clumps, groves, groups)—are born from hybridity (tropical commerce among all) like a mess of strangers in consilient cohabitation or a congress of avidly overlapping conversations (which one literary venturer, John Briggs, decades ago, troped as causing “fire in the crucible” as creativity originating itself). Most highly, there’s enthrall that deservies to be called AEros.

I love prospecting generativity, as if one may intimate mind evolving, which gains cogency only relative to comprehensible prospecting, formulation, and discourse by singular efforts; or by cohering many kindred engagements as emergent singularity of kindredness, which may become generative in its way as that one singularity among many others for further prospective fruitfulness and appellant cohering.

philogeny: love of all prospectiveness, futuring, and discernment of trending— defining ‘genesis’ as always incomplete, never-ending because we’re evolving.

Relative to the humanities, I see philogenic venturing as retrojective “process” philology, relevant too for metascience. This kind of theme can be pursued fruitfully relative to The Project Area on “discursive moments.”

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