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  telic genius of being human
gary e. davis
May 2020
The heart of the matter is no intimation of axial conceptuality which would imply foundationism (or ontologism) in the culture of “genius” (as if the notion is a quasi-natural kind). Ontologistic fantasy is undermined by singularity of careers that later gain canonical stature in the pantheon, The Library, the archive of humanity.

Yet, like an awe inspiring mass of birds moving like a telic cloud near sunrise, there’s mobile telos in evolving humanity.

Some persons are intrinsically drawn to capturing comprehensive comprehensi-bility (wagering that It is to be found), which is no less generative by being ultimately open-ended in the Intimacy of Mystery that We are. Any definite sense of telos in a conception of Our evolving is itself part of that evolving which academically calls for ventures of comprehensive comprehension that are generative for comprehensive interest, and this can be progressive.

Those ventures involve inquiry into intricacies of conceptuality that articulate how the work of conceiving may understand itself. That’s part of evolving conceptuality itself.

Yet, telic sway—telicity itself—is brought to notions of “progress,” not quasi-naturally given to notions of progress in society, education, academic humanities, conceptions of humanism, the appeal of conceptual inquiry, speculations about the future of humanity, etc.

That pertains to giving evolutionarity to biology (which involves mapping notions of intelligibility into natural-selective ecologies) just as it’s about finding telicity in semantic intelligence (which presumes notions of mental development).

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