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discursive moments

gary e. davis
January 26, 2019
discursive importances in venturing: always a preface in open time.

At this point in Cycle 4, I want to provide merely a provisional sense of the following topics for future dwelling. Yet, that provisionality is retrojective, rather than prospective; i.e., I’m working from notes of the past year which continue from notes accumulating for many years, more and more thematically (more foci, more sets of foci: hundreds).

But writing in light of merely my past year may presume too much to be coherent for others, without backgrounding and elaboration, even though I’m working from a selection of notes that are most readily useful (least neologistic). I regret that I’m not elaborating more now. I want to move on to new work and elaborate extensively later. But what’s here is not precursory. I want to share my interests in durable degree. The short discursive ventures are positions I would defend now in whatever detail I was called to do (which is a great occasion for learning from others), but later elaborations will make these positions more credible. Obviously, nothing is self-evident in conceptual inquiry. But maybe some of this is intuitively plausible, in any case good for shared thinking later.

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