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gary e. davis
January 26, 2019
As a subscriber to Science (AAAS member for many years), I know I can’t overstate that the horizon of audacious inquiry for its own sake expresses and mirrors Our intrinsic, natal curiosity writ large. The magnificant aspiration of intelligence venturing pure science is awing. Meaning of “the Universe” mirrors our relative infancy in one galaxy among countless others speeding away into Speeding Away (via Dark Energy).

Consider that recent speculation about the prevalently blue area of the Cosmic Microwave Background image (slightly right/downward from the center) is our universe bumping another universe, i.e., evidence for the credibility of a multi-universe hypthesis. Consider that the Anthropic Principle is thereby more credible. Consider that life on Earth has been completely destroyed at least three times, but quickly arose again because life forms itself easily. Consider that planet hunting is barely two decades old, yet we’ve discovered hundreds of planets that may support life in a search sample so small that inference to there being millions of life-bearing planets in our galaxy alone is a “no-brainer.” Consider the exponential evolution of technological intelligence here, and consider that our solar system is relatively young. Consider that such exponentiality entails that Earth will become home to a post-humanity that can live sustainably with only 10-or-so billion humans.

So, my brevity here is ironic, because I love science; but also metonymic of fidelity to ultimate mystery.

Evolutionary developmentality of life is now so axiomatic for genomic bioscience that calling it all biogenic science is fairer to life than “biological.” Yet, an Originist overtone in that is fictional, because We are an “incomplete nature” revising Our story in accord with advances in Our evolving. That is, The Story—Our biogenic historiology—of Earthanity is retrojective relative to conceivability which is primordially futural. Concepts of “nature” and bioevolutionarity of intelligence are now as wedded to astrobiology as to paleogenomics, as anticipatory of S.E.T.I. results as anticipatory of post-humanity.

Intentionality can be naturalized, though it’s vastly graduated, from “hardwired” forms of life (Oh, the troping we do, based on the conceivability of models) to inestimable degrees of freedom. (I watched a wasp recently shift position on a leaf so it could scratch its head more comfortably. The mating rituals of spiders are fascinating.)

How can we best understand the freedom of Our intelligence to evolve Itself? The Evolving Enactivism of mindality is ultimately conceivability, i.e., horizons of self-designability. The “opacity of mind” is ultimately the Intimate conceptuality of Mystery: there being itself.

Funny species, those Earthans: Socially ad hoc emergence of stably reproductive order is instituted (by need, then desire—intergenerational and systemic [extended family system, etc.]) at relevant level (overt tradition, normativity, law).

Warrant of reason is value conceptuality that survives most lastingly, the more ancestral, thereby the more valuable (notwithstanding the power that sustains legacy dynastically). Finding patterns in Nature, they thereby retroject intentional design (gods, then crystalline laws of the cosmos).

Axiality, crown, pyramidity, round table, axiomaticity, logocentrism, mutuality of estates, mutuality of states, thriving regions, healthy communities, flourishing lives.

“Social” theory is a mode of anthropology inflating itself into ultimate sociocentrism (which celebrates the horizons of commonality), yet is really preliminary inquiry into evolving humanity (through political space that is theatrical). Academic “intersectionality” in human sciences and humanities echoes the bricolagic, self-hybridizing character of evolving itself, as leading minds engineer global sustainability and subtle gardeners of flourishing enable scientific artists of conceivability.

“Anthropology” is a nebulous notion. We are anthrogenic, in Janus-faced appropriativity of happy philogeny with so many implicit and explicit ethnographies.


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