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progressive practice

gary e. davis
February 7, 2019
Leading a lifetime prevails over eras of the life, “the” world relatively, yet
the World goes on, no matter, containing a life thereby, including what’s worth remembrance, excluding what’s to be forgotten (as forgetting that: as if
nothing’s lost).

So, in a sense, All originates from presence’s Time: so many endeavors to be progressive (and to slow the pace), to advance well-being, culture, higher education, society, political good, productivity, and global stability—and, again, embody “reconciliation to one’s finitude, resolving to ensure one’s own good enough happiness.”

I want to promote and support progressive practice fruitfully for advancing sustainable community, at least. Yet my promotional detailing is just one voice,
at best exemplary and admirable—but that’s not for me to judge. I do what I can
in given time.

[Links to brief page discussions symbolize intent to do more eventually.]


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