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gary e. davis
February 7, 2019
From protean aspiration to a sense of Anthropocenic virtue, The Project has been—is—centripetally prospecting a comprehensiveness of discourse that idealizes the good* of life as ecologically flourishing humanity.

Exemplifying that might well be called a healthy regions complex, somewhat obsessed with (for leading example) life time oriented by intrinsic worth,
with sacredness of humanitarian care, with virtuous dynamics of norm formation, with realities of shared ground (as there is no Planet B), and with insistence
that genuine civic culture prevail over political theater.

As growing good gardens is gardening, so growing healthy regions is regioning.
Its wholly ecological scale is the capacity of intelligent life to idealize flourishing humanity through broad and high coordination of itself across generations: humanistic union—that which regions—in Time. Again, “There’s no end to It: ‘Eternal’ Openness of evolving intergenerational life (living for goodH) is continued by supporting ecospherical efficacy for ecologically living well (living for goodG) through authentically flourishing, lifelong (living for good_).”

Midland, systemic aspects of healthy regioning—organizational, educational, political, economic—can be usefully analogized irt the 3-fold pragmatics of appropriativity rendered earlier:
eudaemonic flourishing of talent development shows organizationally as generative resourcefulness, capability, creativity, inventiveness,...

aretéic excellence of domain development shows organizationally as scale of productive vision, efficiencies of collaborative missions, and fruitfulness of coordinated goals.

phronesis of field development shows organizationally as range of audience, constituency, or market share.
So, high regioning of that which regions—healthy regioning of humanistic union of lives across generations—may be appeallant gravity for practically good thinking—for, in other words, a bright appeal on the commons of philosophical practice.

I hope that our universe of global metropolia advances healthy regioning by humanistic union.

I wish upon a star for a universCity of goodH Order.


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