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gary e. davis
July 4, 2020
I have a long road ahead. So, no wonder “formal tropology” ends rather abruptly. My brief (yet somewhat detailed) attention to Millikan is allegorical of the abstract challenges ahead, which I don’t intend to dwell with next—as far as conceptual analysis is the matter. Conceptual prospecting is very much the matter.

If I regard “Spring Points” as a volume of The Project (each volume to be spread through the evolving Project for later consolidation of each Area), then this is, like, volume 3, written before more-accessible volumes (especially suitable for publicly-oriented

Up the road are two more volumes and a last synergistic volume (uphill and down-hill) that will end Cycle 4 of The Project.

Along the way, Cycle 5 is accumulating notes that I decide (and have decided)
to not use for Cycle 4. I anticipate that Cycle 5 will be largely derivative of
what becomes of Cycle 4 (also anticipating, of course, that I stay safe and healthy).

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