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  a way to high individuation
gary e. davis
July 25, 2017

High individuation is enabled (through childhood) to grow into a self-determinatively good life. Firstly, parental cultivation instills an efficacious enowning of importances, thereby “embodying“ (phenomenologists liked to say) importances effectively.

This is continued by individuation toward self efficacy of emerging adulthood (modeled by educational theorists: here1 and here2). Attachment flowers into fidelity, thanks to independent appeals of fidelity. Fidelity flowers into commitment, thanks to enowning appeals of freely concerted bonds.

Important aspects of identifying with importances include gaining age-appropriate receptiveness to their appeal; identification with their actualization (i.e., what’s needed over time to enown the importance and gain authentic commitment to sustaining their efficacy); then, ongoing engagement with the importance (i.e., actually orienting one’s action in light of relevant importances).

Thereby binding one’s life to The Appeal (one’s selfidentical sense of cohering importances), fidelity becomes a matter of dignity, integrity, and promise of fulfilling happiness in later life.


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