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  Is principled exemplarity virtue?
gary e. davis
July 26, 2017

Does high individuation—protean selfality—warrant being called by others virtue?

Anyway, it’s not oneself who aptly makes the call. Though a life may aspire to exemplarity, living credible hope of lasting influence or of being long remembered, others are the ones to find lasting merit of admirable exemplarity.

Paradigmatically virtuous (I prospect) is love of enhancing humanity, i.e., advancing humanistic importances between us and as widely among us as possible.

Suppose, for the sake of a practicable notion of humanity, that the selfidentical importances listed earlier suffice to define one’s potential humanity. Commonly, we regard ‘humanity’ as a largely ethical notion (applied to a large scale of human life). But what we want—or should need—from ethical insistance is that human potential is to be the guiding appeal in being well: individuation for the sake of good lives.

The baseline aims of “human development” programs are that opportunity and sustainability allow for actualizing human potential, not just surviving above an impoverished level of life.

Being enspirited by one’s humanity is to intimately identify with actualizing the potential of one’s life as example of being well which is durably admirable and may also become exemplary.


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