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  belonging to a communion of humanity
gary e. davis
July 27, 2017

Inspiration by a high communion of humanity (a discourse to be elaborated) can flourish into generally feeling that one truly belongs—intimately identifying, selfidentifying—with a communion of high humanity.

What that is, for now, is left to imagination. Aspects within the kind of high community that appeals to me are the university as form of life that also tends to regard itself as globally singular (like “the scientific community” or a “world” of principled engagement, such as UNESCO); or a “world” of literary engagement, such as The New York Review of Books, as aspects).

The “communion of high humanity” is something to constellate inquirially and discursively, elusively evolving at a level where we can tenably pretend to speak for Earth as evolving also relative to so-far Silent presence of intelligent life elsewhere in our region of our galaxy. “Here is high humanity, among Earthlings.”


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