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  sacred importances
gary e. davis
July 28, 2017

Anyway, let it be that importances of humanity become so appealing for selfidentity that warranting compelled compliance (by law) becomes very seldom needed.

Sanctifying the best conceptions of humanity is good for children (for selves that need the aura of sanctification before being able to understand high importance humanistically).

That isn’t a matter of supernatural warranting, but of revering importances highly (or greatly) that deserve high revere-ence or reverence.

What’s the “nature” of such deservedness?

It’s the evident intrinsicness of our potential, elaborated as highly appealing conceptions of humanity that we can exemplify (a life of scientific artistry?) or enable (discourse, teach).

Of course, not all selfidentical importances qualify for sanctification, but sacredness dramatizes an intrinsic appeal of life-centered individuation that highly actualizes one’s potential.

Persons will always disagree about what is worth sacred regard, but sacredness itself is an essentially human revering of high importance or lasting worth. We can sufficiently understand sacredness or sacrament (I could detail) in terms of life-centered importances, relative to which a traditional show of reverence may be important for orienting interpersonal relations (especially premodern parenting and family life).

Proffering (advocating, arguing) that tendencies toward a wholly flourishing life are the point of sacredness is tenable. What do we want beyond a wholly flourishing life? ecologically flourishing humanity? Yes!


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