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gary e. davis
August 5, 2017

Days go by.

I’m not writing now as if I’ve yesterday finished the earlier sections here. I haven’t read the previous nine since I put them online over a week ago. So, excuse undue repetition or regression. I’ll correct that later. I want you to recognize that the “summer 2017 project” is a notebook, not yet a finalizing presentation. The project is closure on Cycle 1 of, post-2012.

So, the end will be another beginning, awing into further opening.

One may want a narrative with resolute telos; but a life breaks away from a path, though wedded to coming back, yet, not always asking of oneself “now, where was I?”

He was furthered, alright, transformed. Going on happly, like an old man forgetting that he’s already told a given story, because he enjoys himself telling.

Then, beyond little odysseys comes good distillation through editing—later. Cycle 3? For now, I’m consolidating plot points, not pretending to narrative finality.

Besides, notebooks have later value for the story that they allowed—sailing as future genealogy—which is to have unfolded itself, evinced, derived, and educed—enabled, advanced, and promoted—as if channeling an already-revealed telos.

“Whatever,” you’d say.

In a sense, all well-cohering narrative is fiction (or—philologically speaking—conceptual myth).


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