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  s/p differentiation
gary e. davis
August 7, 2017

Long ago, I coined the rubric “s/p differentiation” to indicate a difference between highly individuated selfidentity and an array of interpersonal relations in everyday life.

In my own life (and thinking), I’ve long taken for granted a cogency of so-called s/p-differentiability: differentiating:

(a) my personness understood relative to other persons (within interpersonal relationships—relative to interpersonal interaction);

(b) personableness relative to understanding myself to myself in a distanced, as-if-other, stance (s/p difference proper); and

(c) understanding myself basically apart from any relativity to interpersonal relations, yet self-differentially: Self understanding which involves Self/self difference: between [1] enspired being: Self, which shows as aspiring life or self in Its aspiring as flow of appealing, engaging phenomenality, like windows of what draws one’s life further); and [2] selfidentification: a cohering conception of being a long-life-oriented engagement, the telic cohering of one’s life—oneself as “this” life, perhaps as Project (life aspiration, “Vision,” or “calling”).

There’s so much to say about this (and I have in earlier years) that here, I’ll leave it at what’s above and expand this section later. It seems clear as is, though many persons may not presume such a difference overtly to themselves (while many persons—many selves—can be shown rather easily that they do live as if the difference is actively implicit).


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