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  S/s differentiation
gary e. davis
August 8, 2017

“I am this life” (S/s/p differentiable—self-quotable, self-enstantial), yet living in (being ) flow of it all (enstancing), which surprises, elates, challenges me (and maybe others). Countless selfidentifications (identification with importances) compose one’s—my, “my” (his)—selfidentity.

For short, though, I’ll refer to that articulable cohering simply as self (: selfidenticality of differentaion—or identity-in-difference); and refer to S/s difference—being selfidentical differentiability—as Selfality.

Confusion of the difference (enspiriting Self/enspirited selfidentity) is typical of one’s ordinary, nebulous sense of daily life: being in a life Project, living by day to day, in scenes that come and go.

Yet, making clear distinctions allows particular aspects of being a life to be better understood; for example: relative to endless individuation (which is self-reflective in being enstantial), competing importances (competing identities?), and vastly plural interests, each having life-“regional” importance.


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