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  S/s differentiation
gary e. davis
August 8, 2017

“I am this life” (S/s/p differentiable—self-quotable, self-enstantial), yet living in (being ) flow of it all, which surprises, elates, challenges me. Countless selfidenti-fications (identification with importances) compose one’s—my, “my” (his)— selfidentity.

For short, though, I’ll refer to that articulable cohering simply as self (selfidenticality of differentaion—or identity-in-difference); and refer to S/s difference—being selfidentical differentiability—as Selfality.

Confusion of the difference (enspiriting Self/enspirited selfidentity) is typical of one’s ordinary, nebulous sense of daily life: self being in a life Project, living by day to day with secure sense of coherence via scenes that come and go.

Yet, making clear distinctions allows particular aspects of being a life to be better understood; for instance, relative to endless individuation, competing importances, and vastly plural interests, each having life-regionality (or bounded sense of “world” identity


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