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  showing wholly flourishive life
gary e. davis
August 14, 2017 / Sept. 11, 2017

Flourishing with pretense of exemplarity can’t belong to flowers because they lack intentions, thus lacking enacted receptiveness that could be read as responsive to others’ interests as some kinds of being well, innerworldliness, adventuring, and so on.

We may flow along intently; so, in a sense we are flow-ers. Yet, we may also aspire to idealizing kinds of humanity that pretend (in a serious sense of advocating) toward conceptions of human flourishing that win credence to enable, advance, and promote life as flourishive.

What can be the wholliness of that is ultimately open. Appeals of self determination transcend idealizing perfectibility as determinate estate, for credible heaven is perpetual renaissance. Sophianic gynandry draws loves beyond classically dramatic notions of gods and goddesses made incarnate, beyond royals or genius divinely graced, beyond Romanticism.

Yet, that was some folklore—appellant perfectibility bearing ever-recedent horizons born of “selfish” genes now writing Earthliness anticipating Absolute Others.


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