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gary e. davis
August 15, 2017

Intrinsic prospectivity of our being—curious, self-enhancive, exploratory, imaginative, and aspiring—can memorably give way to (enspirit) intelligent thriving toward wholly flourishive life. Emergent telos from that lives as appellant importances, imagined and idealized destinations, and so on.

But felt telos gains definition (as telos) retrospectively, reconstructively, in light of how and where one is being led.

Yet, that’s also advocative. We’re not only drawn, then discovering how that goes. We’re engagedly drawing ourselves into how we are to have been. We want to have been fulfilled, accomplished—even virtuous—and remembered (if not being lastingly influential). Such admirable want is mirrored by reconstructive engagements of inquiry that establish how we came to be. (I recall a semantic excursion about ‘want’ some years ago.)

To say that the way is progressive is to ennoble the desire, imaginability, and idealization that expresses our potential for wholly flourishive life in some—what? ecologically thriving humanity?

That at least typifies my claim now that progressivity is either designed or discovered relative to desired notions (rather than there being an ultimate standard of progressivity to scientifically establish). But ennobling actualization of potential for the sake of ecologically thriving humanity is not whimsical or arbitrary; it’s advocative.

In any event, we evaluate senses of progressivity retrospectively, relative to conceptions of Good (intrinsic importances, life-oriental values, etc.). What’s Good is at least to design and discern scaling of wholly flourishive life for the sake of ecologically thriving humanity. I idealize wholly flourishive humanity, and the fun is to make Good of the notion.

Being progressive begins with ennobling the dignity of lives engaged with integrity of their aspirations in indeterminately promising neighborhoods and communities. We give time benefits of any doubts. (This keeps health care professionals caring about carelessly-lived lives of clients.)

Promise of humanistic ecology actualizes itself relative to scaling healthy (thriving) lives into flourishing ones—or contributing to that as best one can. Leading minds enable, advance, and promote such scaling.

A good heuristic for scaling progressivitymight be the five Areas of being well, conceptual inquiry (abstractive), good thinking (pragmatic), advancing community (activist), and being openly adaptable—not that I provide paradigmatic exemplarity, but I’m engaged in doing the best I can in a venture that is derived from others’ influence—and my own enthralls.


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