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idealizing individuation (as aspirational "meaningfulness")
april 11, 2010


An idealization of individuation is basically a promissory note for elaboration and actualization, but it’s also an expression of fidelity to Self realization, in terms of aspirational appeal. It’s explicating the high value of human potential as belonging to oneself somewhat regardless of the degree of realized potential one has to actualize, partly because (I contend) that belonging is integral to our humanity: to appreciate the appeal of one’s ownmost human potential as integral human interest (thereby making possible a realization of the converse: general or exemplary human interest as one’s self interest).

Competing ideals about a future “deserve” (we should contend) to be mediated by such an appeal of human potential in the human interest and human interest in one’s potential. Then, as selfidentical idealization leads to selfidentical constructiveness, it results in an actualized future that one owns as part of what we are, gaining vested interest in sustaining exemplary results and advancing those further, socially implicative and not, because the exemplarity belongs to one’s life—possibly appreciated as belonging to our humanity because it so belongs to one’s own.

I readily grant that such idealism merely expresses my prevailing sense of Self; I’m not seeking self-evident exemplarity, merely expressing what I will contend in more detail later (which can be done with some analytical acuity, I believe). I don’t need to be easily convincing—a point which recalls my saying earlier that making a good life is about the life, more than about the inestimably important interpersonal relations that are part of the life—in this case, rendering an enduring appeal without presuming project-ive credibility. The integrity of a life’s futurity is actualized in one’s ownmost flourishing, which turns specific purposiveness into specific project-ivity. I’m in the early phases online of a manifold project-ivity that sees a long uphill road.

Next: telic cohering of a life for living fruitfully.

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