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working brightly: light of excellent ontogeny
(or "living brightly," part 2)

may 1, 2010


A couple of weeks have passed since writing part 1 of “living fruitfully”; and months since “living brightly,” all implicitly expressing a sense of prevailing futurity in living Time, not living from a past unfolding latent future (Originsim); rather living by granting potential originality to untermed futurity—eliciting, educing, evincing a present facilitated out of purposeful appeals, such that originality may arrive, flourishing there bringing fruitfulness which leads through engagements to more flourishing, then more fruitfulness.

Yet, a potential for originality is thoroughly ontogenic. It doesn’t arrive by some discovery of synchronic Fundamental Principles of generativity. But, what can be said of those ontogenies other than to retrace them biographically or autobiographically, which hardly captures much at all? What are the conditions for the possibility of a paradigm-shifting theory or poetry or visual art or music?

Why not ask such an impossible-to-answer question? The pursuit isn’t futile! The horizon ever recedes, but so much may be gained in the traveling, at least gaining and sustaining a rich sense of experience and valuing, widely “reading” life—figuratively reading, as well as literally—thus gaining and sustaining at least a richer sense of meaning.

So, we have our theories of creativity, the best we can do, wanting a generality that’s durable. I gravitate toward inquirial pleasure (problem finding and solving). Going with Velleman in finding practical reason constituted by a conception of “intelligibility,” I give intelligibility greatly more potential than to contribute to practicality. I want to pursue intelligibility in itself (notwithstanding my very limited capability for mathematical conception, thus depending on appropriators—like Lee Smolin, who by the way suspects that human intelligence may not have evolved enough to understand where we “really” are).

I live with what my exuberances of curiosity can gain through free time I have. Make the learning never ending for its own sake (Meaning), as well as some prospect (some hope) for some lasting fruitfulness, which has no chance without the mental flexibility and perspectivity that may be gained through appreciability in all its multimodalness.

Anyway, aspirational idealization keeps me happy.

May you sustain through all your days exuberant purposiveness.

Next: for a vining of manifold projectivity for living fruitfully.

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