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Opening, closing—receiving, asserting—releasing, gathering, like a deep sea’s meandering jellyfish breathing gracefully through time—desiring, fulfilling—appealing, cohering.

But the primacy of entropic flow in nature over disentropic (telic) efficacy—like a given stimulus for resultant response—implies the primacy of opening for closing; so, too, receiving, releasing, desiring, and appealing for asserting, gathering, fulfilling, and cohering.

For lowly-intelligent life (and non-intelligent life), there is destiny: specifiable closing “foretold” in opening, determinant horizon foretold in venturing, particular satisfaction foretold in need, etc. But for highly-intelligent life, potentially autotelic, there’s no destiny, save overt destining: creating possibility from opening, articulability from discovering, gestalt from appreciations, etc.

Meaningfulness, possibly containing so much that means (and is meaning or containing ways to Meaning), is ultimately a Flow efficacy or fulfilling of what can mean, what meaning can be, wholly conceived in the endeavoring to wholly mean, wholly conceiving which proves itself endless—living. So, Meaningfulness can never be completely captured in the apparently self-transforming horizon of meaning. Anticipated horizons, the appealing presumption of an end, tend to dissolve into enriched endeavoring, transforming the meaning of horizonality, proving a generative endlessness, self-forming lucidity of appreciability.

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