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you need this

  dwelling with and in our times
gary e. davis
December 25, 2019
  What a long, strange trip it’s been.
  “I write these lyrics, and sometimes I read them afterwards on the album sleeve and think to myself, ‘God, what an attitude!’”
  “I don’t think any musician plays anything that is new. Everything musical has been played.”
  “Pigeonholes are for pigeons.”
  “Let the other guys do the crybaby stuff. Go for the laughs.”
  “You know, if you’re lucky enough to have two smash hit shows, the traffic of the world goes through your dressing room.”
taking exception
  “I am not a decorator. The only place I decorate is my own house.”
  “I don’t feature myself as being the head man. I would much rather stand in the background and make small, funny things go than be up at the head of the class.”
  “I like to write for the so-called pedestrian people.”
  “You have to judge a director by his very best work, and then get it out of him.”
  “I never thought I was shocking. I say this all the time and it sounds disingenuous, but I always thought: ‘This is something they need. My culture is going to recognize it’s missing something.’”

now, don’t you feel better?





  Be fair. © 2019, gary e. davis