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soul of Self interest

gary e. davis
September 6, 2020
Aspirations respond to welcomed challenges, which include (for me, prevalently) making the most of one’s learnability, which forms (in time) more—higher—singularity, relative to opportunity made as well as given.

Scaling highly seems better than not scaling highly. Again, “Nothing inspires a life better than feeling that a horizon belongs to one’s own future.”

Why do so many persons not wish to highly aspire? They can’t? So, they yield to what?: supernaturalism? because the appeal of high scaling is anyway appealing (intrinsically, so), yet beyond one’s opportunities and capacities for finding one’s own way through experience and education? So, Plan B of history has been worshipful subjection. It works. Emancipation may be infeasible, yet there is a promise of Heaven drawing one hopefuly onward in challenging lives.

OK. Yet, my preferring to go my own way—and finding enough in that—isn’t a refusal to appreciate the conditions of others (let alone imply a negation of that).

Besides, I’ve done what I can to enable others (an autobiographical point, not defensive). There always comes a time when one chooses to go their own way for the one life one has.

So, I enjoy wandering how “far” (high, comprehensive) I can scale; and go as far those ways as I enjoy. Ultimately, there’s mystery, fun to entertain.

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