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  modal cohering of lifeworldliness
gary e. davis
September 7, 2020
Whatever one’s categoriality (implying prevailing conceptuality), there is categoriality/conceptuality such that talking of modes expresses the reality
of manifoldly understanding.

“Specific importances are the substance of modes of being a singular life.” They join modes of being the life showing itself singularly. Importances complement each other relative to complementary modes of being, just as interpersonal relationships, at best, complement each other relative to a singular life.

Complementarity of differences is integral to generativity of life, whatever
the bricolagic scale of importances in mind: be it ecology of a life, a region,
a conceptual convening, or a discursive venture.

Belonging together of political, social, and cultural importance” is ultimately singular: the “cohering integrity of one’s…selfidentical worldliness.”

“An eraic heart / soul /Self (mindfulness) essentially belongs to interplaying continua: Intimacy, kindredness, friendship, solidarity, and civility which weave with love, empathy, compassion, genuineness, and decency, which weave with self, family, neighborhood, community, and region.” One’s singularity could truly be called the regioning of that which regions.

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