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gary e. davis
September 7, 2020
I use ‘good_’ to distinguish a life-oriented sense of goodness from interest in social good (goodG) and the good of humanity (goodH), altogether labeled good*, which would be (given fair explication, to be done) a holistic, ecologically life-oriented and socially-oriented and humanistic conception of “the” Good.

Integrally implied here, of course, is the difference between a life (over so much time), sociality (so objectivational), and culturality (humanist, humanity, humani-tarian orientation).

Appreciating and honoring those differences is vitally important, because a life doesn’t want to be reduced to its observable sociality, and humanity is intrinsi-cally cultural, which is trans-social (I would argue).

The interface, the liminality of life, culture, and sociality is generative for Our evolving. “Our fortunes are bound up with one another” (M. Obama) for good
(i.e., forever). Bonding love among us with love of nation, “united in our love for America and united in our love for each other” (Biden) deserves to be sacred across lives, the many cultures of our continent, and among the many societies that we are.

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