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        outwitting death
gary e. davis  
February 21, 2016

Another day happening—Yea!

I am not to die by negligence. I’m not to fall due to inattention. I’m to be smarter
than harmful others and wise to imprudent risk.

But a car may swerve too abruptly, to avoid an oncoming bus, lunging into my path.
I’ll never forget the news story of a boy practicing piano in his living room suddenly
hit by a stray bullet from a gang conflict on the street.

Wind breaks a power line that falls onto a wet path one’s on.
A little earthquake shatters a hillside vista above the sea.

So, I should avoid all reverie?

I don’t think so.

On my daily walks around campus, spring blooms are thriving on trees. A favorite one
I pass is gone today! Roots of the beauty couldn’t hold the ground through a heavy storm last night. It fell across a road (no car crushed, I guess), got sawed up and removed before I came by. The empty air around felt dramatically huge, as if space itself was heartbroken.


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