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gary e. davis  
February 28, 2016

Daily happenings, emergences, advents, incidents...Natural time has no telic character, just as natural selection isn’t intrinsically progressive. The eons of Earth are equilibrational, adaptive, except inasmuch as intelligence initiates direction—
and direction is sustained.

Some directions are better than others. Intelligent time is primordially futural,
drawing natural time into what past there can be. There is Good, and there is
deserved abidance of that.

Ricochets in media go viral; an ember becomes a wildfire, trending into what becomes The News. What’s natural (with no direction), what’s intelligent is decided by those who welcome challenges of prospecting good purpose, even possibly understanding how
It All fits, or enjoying pretenses of comprehensive comprehensibility, which is good
at least for learning curves, generative, even originary?—understanding how being
in Time gains (or can gain) telic coherings, even semblances of teleology.

But the bell curve of humanity shows endless need for industrious caretaking of
the nescience, prattling, and sloth of many who maintain our ecospheres (and who regard complexity as verbosity).

Lives lead by mindfulness, insight, humanity, courage, wisdom, justice, and exemplarity.

In the beginning: that is today...“the first day of the rest of your chances” that a well-lived life makes every morning preliminary to enthralling possibility, presence possibly promising a return of potential. Preliminarity prospects an eros of being well.

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