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  literary sensibility of Mindfulness
gary e. davis
March 14 , 2019
I’m with and apart from literary analyst Kaja Silverman‘s, “...‘world love,’
a profound and vital [AErotic] investment by [Selfality] in the cosmic surround,” whose fruitful Point is our belonging in Earthan humanity.

I’m with and apart from poet Jorie Graham, who singularly “deploy[s] so fruitfully and invitingly the diverse systems of philosophy, science, and history” (Poetry Foundation), less systems and history, though (Graham would agree), for the sake of “the hugeness of experience—which includes philosophical discursiveness.... The reader is always overhearing a confession,” she says (ibid.).

Literary sensibility speaks to the philosopher’s question, Why Worry About Future Generations?, because we’re their possibility relative to whom we can become:
people more occupied with things than with each other, not dreaming of royal luxury through consumerist modernism (now: techumanity that cooks the planet).

mindfulness (briefly): devotion to wholly flourishive life for the sake of ecolog-ically flourishive humanity.

Make humanism and humanities of each other, dramatically showing new gener-ations commitment and fidelity to high-scale mindfulness.

“Spirituality” becomes an evolutionary trope.

I anticipate highly identifying with The Life of Imagination, since creativity “must be understood as multifaceted, shaping the heightened manifestations of” imagination, “such as in scientific discovery and artistic and literary creation.”
I find there imagination serving creativity.

Nonetheless, my “thinking imagination” aspires with her toward a high play of creativity in “drawing from philosophy, cognitive science, evolutionary anthropology, developmental psychology, literary theory, and aesthetics.”

How ineffably beautiful that may be.


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