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gary e. davis
February 2019
Validity is a notion of cognitive good: to be reliable (genuine), acceptably valuable (normative), or evidenced enough (factual) is good.

Why care about validity? Because being reliable, valuable, and realistic is “naturally” good, intrinsically important. Also, technical efficacy is good: What is internally required for technical efficacy serves the realism of action that is reliably valuable.

I would define “good for one’s life,” or a good of one’s life, relative to a comprehensive sense of good life. I signify that with ‘good_’, to distinguish an ecological sense of good society: ‘goodG’. (The two are thus searchable separately in my notes.) Is good_ life: high-fidelity, well-growing of capable healthfulness finding regular fulfillment?

Fidelity to A-Project-ivity, high individuation, and healthy aging are certainly appealing importances.

I also prospect good of humanity (hardly the good of humanity), signified by ‘goodH’, in later Areas of The Project.

I refer to a holistic sense of good ambiguously with ‘good*’. One may want, at best, good* Selfworldness.

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