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  generative psychology
gary e. davis
January 26, 2019
Calling the psychology of flourishing “positive” psychology seems absurd to me (facile, misleading, self-concealing, counter-productive), given that its own aims are fulfillment, ongoing engagement, selfidentical (authentic) actualization, and the like. We all want lifelong generativity. So, I prospect a generative psychology.

Generative psychology has a deep psychanthrogenic and historical background that I want to explore later—from the mystical motives of religions to advance public health across generations through the history of humanism (Greek—> Renaissance—> Romanticism—> existentialism—> philological foundations of academic humanities) to the various humanistic psychologies of decades ago.

Integral to flourishive life is ontogeny of perspectivity, on the way to flexible perspectivity. Areas 2 and 3 of The Project (aspects of being well, wholly flourishing) are especially concerned with that; and Areas 4—7 extend such interest philologically.


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