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  appropriative thinking: virtuous practicality
gary e. davis
January 26, 2019

A bi-modal appropriativity in a three-fold pragmatic may be the best way to think of virtuous practicality. Or/And: Thinking of practicality as appropriative may serve virtuous mindality well.

Of course, why be virtuous at all?

What is “appropriative”?

We don’t ask: Why be practical? But we often ask: What is practical [for a given situation]? And conceptual analysts— “philosophers”—come along, asking: What is being practical?

Whatever “being practical” is (being practical [exemplarity?], being practical [admirable?]), we want to “be practical” (need to be, desire to be—want as balance of need and desire).

bi-modal appropriativity
virtue of generative intelligence
a pragmatic isomorphism
pragmatic ethics
virtue consequentiality
prospecting consequentiality of pragmatic thinking
deontic value
critical practice


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