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gary e. davis
February 7, 2019
Being in Time is primordially Open. The world is made of massively-distributed conditions of contingency, pertaining to good_ lives, an economy, politics, etc. Leading expertise shows genuine receptiveness serving principled, flexible responsiveness.

Leading minds are attuned to discernible horizons, not proximal coherence (which is opportunistic). Considerations of common denominators, systemic efficacy and efficiency are merely instrumental to goodG policy-oriented action, which is ultimately about cultivation of humanity.

“High” quality of life is criteriologically assessable, thus objectively evaluable relative to baseline notions of being well leading to (or failing to enable) more-flourishing lives (higher scale of capability for enjoying actualized potential).

So, there are impartial reasons for preferring a notion of progress that is highly cultural over other notions (typically, economistic). Public policy that gives foremost importance to child development, for example, is better than public policy that is primarily economic. (After all, healthy, well-educated, innovative employees better serve an economy, and high quality of life secures families that do better parenting, which prevents future social costs for remedial services.) A notion of global ethics in service to healthy regioning is better than a notion that is legalistic.

Exemplary leadership realistically appreciates organizational complexities such that “think tank” advisory is alway appealing (discursive Moment) for instituting policy.

Exemplary leadership is demophilic, as well as long sighted (flexibly, creatively attuned to regional, even global challenges), relative to complexities that elude short-sighted public opinion and electoral appeal of near-term issues.

GoodG government isn’t populism. GoodG government is a constitutional fidelity to truly demophilic legislative process, goodG policy-motivated leadership, and validly deliberative conflict resolution. It’s a public trust in authority elected by fair process that staffs its offices deliberatively with genuinely demophilic professionals. GoodG government is more enablative than managerial. It’s always, in principle, an enterprise of educational leadership for the sake of public enlightenment.

A scholar of Obama’s life called him “...a kind of philosopher president, a rare breed...” I call him an admirable exemplar, a virtuous pragmatist (and a cause for sadness that a president can’t have a third term, which Congresspersons often do).

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