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  evolving generativity
gary e. davis
February 9, 2019
Moving on, to grow more, I go high again where clearing exhilarates.

I’m a fine resort of reverie for good*, where mindfulness is conceptual art is awing horizon, mirrorplaying, entwining and advancing us.

Generative ideas of “perfectibility” just draw us into loving the immortal journey of enhancive humanity.

from philogeny to upscale philology

Recursively individuating sensibility advances itself through enthralling self-possession channeled creatively, centripetally convening all manner of appeals into manifold conceptions. The Work of one’s good_ life is indeed a eudaimonia of poietic engagement, building into the philogenic truth of itself.

Generative prospecting comprehensively articulates itself through fulfilling constellations brought into all manner of conceptual gravities, if not intimations of ultimate cohering. The work—scientific artistry at best—of one’s good* life is indeed a logos of aretéic engagement, dwelling into philological Cohering (goodness) of grand projectivity.

from philology to downscale philosophy

Translation fairly conveys a clear path from others’ presence to high-scalar comprehensibility, especially seeking to evince suprising contributions to shared venturing. The practicality—lasting influence at best—of one’s goodG life is indeed an ethos of prudential engagement, thinking fruitfully for the sake of others’ being.

The Project as generative encyclity

The 13 main Areas of The Project (from “aspects of being well” to “progressive practice”) trope an appeal to creative individuation of high conceptual prospecting which translates into practical appeals for creative individuation.

“Conceptual inclusive fitness” of fruitfully high creativity aims for “demic efficacy” that contributes to others’ fruitifulness (better than my own, I hope), which advances endless appeal for more inquirial and prospective venturing.

“Learning Never Ends,” and now is Cycle 4 (beginning this cycle) of an endless venture: Cycle 5 in 2021?

So, the pathmaking from philogeny to philology, then philology to philosophy is an encyclogeny?: teligenic synergy of discursive congruences.

The Project is a wholly flourishing conceptual organon, which I pragmatically trope (being conceptual allegory) as a process philology or generative cycle of prospective evincing and evincive prospecting.

evolving “Mind”

Evolving is primarily enactive—project-ively idealizing (aspiring to epochal effect—which never happens, of course) and efficacious (audacious in range)—not a process retrojected as continuum up to the present (like a justification of modernity as destined).

Mind is an evolutionarity of leading communities prospected as comprehensible singularity, as if Intelligence of Earth (Our Earthanity) has singular, definite denotation, personified.

In short, audacious aspiration is fictional, but may become reality to some degree.

Conceptuality can be importantly derived from astutely interdomainal inquiry; inclusive fitness can be demonstrably efficacious.

Loose isomorphism of historical distance can credibly strengthen the value of tradition for tight isomorphism in contemporary work; archetropal genealogy can strengthen the promise of prospective tropical play.

In any case, Our Anthropocenic epoch is on its own, but for its humanity. We either shape our evolving (taking to heart sustainable planet management) or else We’ll be shaped by eonic Earthtime (which sustains life fine without humans).

We are the Intelligence of Earth, or not.

Evolution—not merely ecological change (“natural-selective” outcomes)—is about humanistic progress (authentic improvement in humanity), which requires scientific artistry.

Oriental pole stars are conceptual importances, symbolized by master concepts, like humanism, flourishing, intelligence, conceptual importance as such (e.g., “conceptual inclusive fitness”), notions of lastingness (e.g., “demic efficacy”), sustainability, etc.

High narratives about generativity of conceptual progress can be usefully symbolizied by conceptions of ontogeny writ large (beyond individuation) to prospect the progressive self-cultivating of humanity: Ontogeny (the truth of “ontology” or genealogy of a conceptual topography).

Centripetal pole star gravity can be appellantly cohering for cultural envisioning and reflection.

Our future is ultimately open—Our Open chance—which is inspiring for venturing minds (and youth!) or inhibiting for persons better suited to following bright stars (authentically leading voices). Gravity of stars can be generative, as long as one is free to grow, achieve, contribute, and grow more. Yet, as we’re the origin of the stars that reflect us, conceptual allegories of Ontogeny tend to prospect Us as Self-enabling, Self-designing, endlessly so.

Yet, such pathmaking is ultimately beyond thriving commonwealth (beyond goodG: beyond telesis of ecologically flourishing humanity?). It gives way to an Intimacy of Mystery (I like to call it) that anticipates post-biopsychal humanity and S.E.T.I. success.

We’re the Earthans in an outer arm of the one galaxy that will ever hold prospects for Us of interstellar relations, because all of the galaxies are speeding away from each other. If ever there was inter-galactic communication, We’ll only learn of this through some Archive of Absolute Others.

Meanwhile, I trust—I quote myself—that “wholly ecological humanity can flourish, can be ecogenic Earthanity facing black cosmos happily, because we’re talented, we’re insightful, and innovative—because we are true, thus good, so finding beauty enough” in “the” Universe—which is not evolving. The Universe is changing: The Milky Way is destined to intersect with Andromeda, around 4.5 billion years away. Our sun may have burned out (inflated into a red dwarf and engulfed the Earth and our terraformed Mars). Will the form of being that Earthans are to be have left this solar system for another? An inconceivable Adventure is the destiny of leading Earthanity, relative to whatever network of interstellar relations have become common core. Earthans will have been invited where?

Ultimacy itself is evolving (a conceptuality), but the ultimacy of the Universe is the ultimacy of evolving intelligence, evolving Ultimacy, at those stars that are
[to have been] curiously self-enhancive enough to matter for interstellar being.
The reality of that’s Our Ultimate Intimacy of Mystery.




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