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  interests of action evince revere-ence
gary e. davis
July 20, 2017

Acting relative to appeals that are more important than other appeals is better than acting without regard to importance because satisfying and fulfilling action is intrinsically important. Appeal itself is no basis for importance, yet satisfying and fulfilling action is—I would argue—intrinsically appealing.

What activity is intrinsically appealing? What’s best to want, relative to a choice situation? Why do we have the preferences that we have?

That’s all due to interests of action that prevail over other interests, thus importances that override other appeals. Importance is basically relative to interests of action.

But we do revere some appeals, ultimately relative to intrinsic interests of action. Importance includes what is so revered that the reverence overrides other important interests of action. Highly respecting or honoring some important interests is entirely explicable in terms of our intrinsic interest in long living a good, flourishing life.


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