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  for a wholly flourishing life
gary e. davis
July 21, 2017

However one understands “good life,” anyone would agree that “good” matters and “life” matters in some senses that keep us revering some notion of good and life. We all want a “good life.” We all feel that there is some sense of good life that is intrinsically appealing.

One might vest the appeal of a “good life” in a conception of flourishing life; and even want to explicate some grandly appealing sense of wholly flourishing.

A good life is that which is drawn into the appeal of a flourishing life, yet only by making the good become that flourishing. And flourishing is drawn into the appeal of wholly being so, only by making that fulfillingly actual.

A self-given aspiration for wholly flourishing life can be intrinsically appealing because one intrinsically loves learning or creative accomplishment or high-scale fulfillment.

To me, intrinsic appeals can be found to emerge from the aspiring vitality of oneself—any self (potentially). More abstractly: intrinsic appeals can be found to emerge from the self-enhancive nature of selfness or Self that each of us is.

So, then, intrinsic appeal may derive from a conception of the natural self-enhanciveness (enspiration) of human being or vitality of human intelligence.

One chooses terms—the most durably appealing; then makes the most of The Appeal. I am for thriving life. I am for flourishing good.


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