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Point of being

  passion play beyond suffering
(let alone being unto death)

gary e. davis
March 11 , 2019
I so love passionate feeling, yet love at heart is more.

Feeling is essentially (to me) a synergic interplay: receptive emotion <—> responsive valuing—interplay of receptiveness and responsiveness, synergy of focal valuing and easy emotion.

“But can’t you just simply feel?”

I do, without thinking.

Yet, in the wake, analysis is fun!

Leading psychologist Robert Sternberg has a fun (“duplex”) sense of love:
a (1) triangle of aspects (2) growing through time. (1) Love is a synergy of sometime passion, easy intimacy, and enduring commitment (2) shaping us
as our story.

As a matter of story, there are archetropes (though he doesn’t use the term) revealed by empirical research, which he numbers at 26 (not as a matter of recommendation; many are pathogenic).

I choose five archetropes from his alphabetical order: gardening (“relationships need to be nurtured and attended to”); humor (“love is strange and funny”); sacrifice (“to love is to give of oneself...”); sewing (“love is what you make it”);
and travel (“love is a journey”).

How about a five-fold synergy, dear.

(Too bad she chose to die. (Was it something I said? (I dare not go with that.)))

Our love—like all true loves—isn’t ultimately about being together. “We” are beyond merger. Rather, being: being in being: what we may make together of
our life.

Romance of the aura (echoes of philological marriage) invents us, whose jubilantly incomprehensible mystery of being gives way for enablative engagement, then enduring generative presence through life-enhancive interlacing.


“No, it can’t be that complex.”

Let’s be creative.

We’re always primordially in quest.

We may be, we are a risen art sojourning into horizons of our own.

“In your dreams.”


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