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gary e. davis
March 11 , 2019
An appeal of patternless singularity and asymmetry in an assemblage (contrasts, complements, regioning, gestalt evasion, etc.) or multi-modal and multi-medial assemblages (maybe merely a time of day) may be as amazing as constellating bricolagic arrays or multiple symmetries made salient by contextual enframing (like gestalt switch resonance), centripetal and centrifugal patterning in manifold play.

Yet, focusing on improvisational categoriality can conceal multi-genric potentials that conceptual play can realize. That’s the kind of reason that causes me to think that the ultimate art is a philogeny (the basis for philological advance), which philosophy may serve in educational endeavors.

There’s no capturing the potential of mental and multi-medial play to challenge any conception of capturing.

Something auratic or numinous may obsess the scientific artist with desire to crystallize fluidity that eludes that by drawing endeavor beyond given capabilities for crystallization, thus advancing capability through the aspiration, as if one’s inner compass is the horizon of conceivability itself.

That’s beyond “situational transcendence” of The Life, I anticipate. It’s capability responding to potential for evolving itself, as if ongoing evolution of intelligence is echoed, at least because wholly flourishing, ecogenic creativity can comprehend ecogenies of humanity at points which prospect conceivability.

To my sensibility, then, ‘imagination’ is a resonant trope, perhaps metonymic of creativity, synecdochic of visual arts, metaphoric of creative process, and perhaps ironic in its self-concealing association to imagism irt potential for manifoldly interfacial artistry. In short, ‘imagination’ is a manifold symbol.

Anyway, all of this presumes a freedom to make imagination central in one’s life, an issue of luck or good fortune or sacrifical devotion that calls for staying mind-ful of the gift. Time, focus, serenity, and effective imaginability are commonly hardwon (beyond a world of patrons, landed wealth, sabbaticals—markets). Need-less to say (I hope), a life of imagination cannot be authentically exclusive of the world that makes it possible.

It’s lovely to find fulfillment in one’s art (scientific artistry, I pursue) without worry about admirable exemplarity—just responding to the appeal of The Appeal.

But witnesses should know that aspiring to idealize life as endless artistry is ulti-mately open-ended work.


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