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  Point of being: an inspired life
gary e. davis
March 11 , 2019
I’ve always loved being, maybe too optimistic at times (re: heartrending misfortune of others). Imaginability’s part of full creativity facing high scale prospects of being. Creativity at heart surpasses imagism and the envisional archetrope of possibility.

What’s your scalarity of apprehensibility (beyond transcendental feeling)?

aspiration: authentically rich responsiveness to the appeal of awing horizonality (an archetrope of scalarity), grand appeal troped by excitement, exuberance, periodic elation (“ecstasis”), flowing enthrall.

I never liked the term ‘brainstorming’. Live for breakthrough thinking, the “eureka”s, born of high mindplaying.

Thrills of constructive Flow give way to efficiency, then creativity, then innovation—nevertheless facing inequity, poverty, hopelessnes, and violence.

The Life’s “affording...transformation and transcendence” of “engagement” shouldn’t be more about the “and” (apart but linked) than intimacy of the two
(a part of each other). “Creativity as situated transcendence” may conceal
the potential of belonging with transformation.

No god is to save the world (though the contrary thought serves cynical resignation), yet one’s life might devote itself to gaining admirable exemplarity
by loving the life one is as artistry that leaves a lasting point of being on Earth.

Loving an artistry of the life that one has infuses craft into dailiness by giving dailiness excellence. So, I love, Jennifer, that “imagination allows us to step out
of the ordinary but also to transform it through our sense of wonder and play, artistic inspiration and innovation, or the eureka moment of a scientific breakthrough.” I, too, belong here, in my own way.

passion play beyond suffering (let alone being unto death)

mindplaying creatively


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