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elations of solitude
january 2012

  september 18, 2011

Does my title seem precious (in a dismissive sense)? I think of the rubric as an opening, like feeling an immanent cruise to a fantastic place or safari to an exotic land.

Yet, it’s also integral to reaching the peak or absorbing the land, “ending” as beginning again, becoming wholly a season.

Thinking of solitude as such will be a later habitation here.

How often have I said I may lose you along the way? I don’t say, irt the event of the loss: It’s your fault for not saying where you are, for I can only do my part to keep us by reaching, then reaching again.

  1 | “romantic” love of the day | september 18, 2011
    seeking audacious potential in shared life
  2 | willful subjectivity vs. egocentric happiness | september 18, 2011
    Flourishing self-efficacy may look like egoism, but no.
  3 | welcome the alien | september 18, 2011
    as if I’m dark words to someone afraid of winter
  4 | “whom shall I play for you?”: impersonating mr. natural | september 21, 2011
    an extraterrestrial analysis
  5 | circumspective living | september 25, 2011
    on being an interplay, mirrorplay, whatever
  6 | a sense of inworldness | october 2011
    being entranced by primary differences
on being online
entranced by the road so far
inhabiting my café
appealing emergences
  7 | autotelic mind: inquirial AEros | october 2011 – january 2012
    It’s an Intimacy of Mystery.
      The notion of AEros comes from the page that renders a trans-erotic sense of archetypal Eros: “AEros.” (All pages below were revised May, 2012, but I’ve kept the date of first uploading.)
    feeling for the “thing”
      phenomenality (again)
intuition and reliabilism
liminalities of phenomenal life
vigilance for emergents: anticipating primordial potentials

      an inestimably complex legacy (organon) of past potentials
preface to rendering a conception of “mind” in nature
intelligence of nature
ontogenic phenomenology of the developmental interest
naturalized phenomenology of the developmental interest
    philosophy of “mind”: a love story
      a sense of one self musing
concept of mind
highly minding
    selformativity of Self
    AEros of flourishing
      therapeutic living
true love and fun with confession
love in manifold
textual intimacy, Take 2

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