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january 2, 2012 / may 30, 2012


Elations of solitude” was about a season of my life, “‘ending’ as beginning again....” It was intended as a kind of allegory of comprehensiveness, somatic and mindal. Maybe at best a life becomes allegory in any lastingness it may embody. “Elations...” expresses how I gained closure on an era of my life in terms of a telic cohering of a Love (which was not sentimentalist—so, you mirror yourself, if you’re uncomfortable reading that).

Making fiction is healthy, possibly creative (if not noteably original—but at least novel, ha), and even therapeutic. It’s part of the appeal, to me, of designing adventurous time-spaces and conceptual prospecting.

I often refer to “The Project.” It involves a conceptual domain that’s never been suggested via any web page or blog posting. I feel a comprehensive singularity of the work, which was conceived as 12 separate projects that have emergently formed a shared conceptuality; ergo, my calling it all The Project, as if there was some one thing conceived, but that’s not the case. It’s a fiction of real elements (thousands of notes in several databases, relative to a real set of readings, the past decade or so). There’s a telically cohering appeal among 12 books that started out as 92 topics many years ago.

It’s easy for a writer to express a sense of singularity as a stylist, which I can do, but chose long ago to avoid. If the freelance writer is going to survive, s/he had better become an excellent entertainment. My interest in writing has never been attracted to that. (I haven’t tried to survive by writing!). I loved creative writing (as poetry and fiction) as a grad student in philosophy (philosophical psychology, more exactly), so my character is a kind of informed conceptual artistry that idealizes philosophical work. I’m quite overt in wanting to write relative to the best discursive venturing.

“Elations...” has been a long preface to coming years with The Seminar I’ve fabricated, my neighborhood of choice—psychalogical, literary, and philosophical. I’ve formed a desirable psychal complex as a venue for neighborhood excursions. Again, not to be obtuse for its own sake, but: In the complex I want to discover contrapuntal differences and complementarities, altogether as provisions for synergistic interplay that’s discursively generative. The substance of it all would be relative to The Seminar.

The singularity of a person can’t comprehensively represent itself, even when seeking a comprehensive sense of autobiographical synergy with a comprehensive conception of development and understanding. The theme of singularity is an inexhaustible star of conceivability.

I can’t wait to move on, so I’m not looking back to what “Elations...” has been; and not looking back now to the past few years. I’m just looking forward to a new direction. I look forward to having my views transformed by exciting influence. I have no vested interest in resisting others’ good arguments. (I implore anyone to help me see good arguments that I somehow elude being influenced by.) But there’s a coherence to my philosophical approach which deserves to stand for its claims to validity.

So, I go on happily inviting unexpected changes of path. Yet, I feel confident about keeping fidelity to the way I seem to be going. As part of the wayfaring, I’m going to make something wonderful (may I say so) of the given set of titles that composes The Seminar, and I’m happily open to seeing the set change in light of advents.

“Elations...” is book length here (you might have noticed, as later parts have sections embedded within sections), but I don’t intend to do more with it than to have let you know my sense of things as I get into details of others’ recent work for some years (sharing results that can be cogently shared on the run, as it were, via brief postings and web pages).
Then, I’ll settle into finishing something large scale—Of The Project material/domain
which will remain a developing (evolving?) source of radiant gravity (in a sense that elderly Heidegger would welcome), relative to emergent others’ influences and what I can do.

This ends “intimacies” and “Elations....”


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