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  improvisations through mid-2012: part of Cycle 1
August 21, 2017: This was for discursive ventures that are longer than postings for
the “conceptual prospecting” blog, while continuing a philological project that they both
implicitly address. Innertextual cohering (an open, generative conceputal singularity) is idealized
by everything I write for various plots or little odysseys in the garden (intertextual excursions)—
not to be cute; but the appeal is—in the long run—to be credibly philological (distinct from the teacherly nature of philosophy) in a post-metaphysicalist and comprehensive way, with no presumption at the time of how odysseys will go; and certainly not expecting to be persuasive. These excursions are just that. Aspiring highly is fun.

  a philosopher of human development confesses | September 2010
    preface to an excursion into the developmentality of authentic happiness
  being in time as a conceptually free-associative story | October 2010
    a horizoning child muses about the layers of its projective nature
  flourishing of the smart child into early adulthood | December 2009
    ontogenic aspects of a creative and inquiring mind
feeling concerted parenthood
growing children as venue: packing for a conceptual adventure
enabling a child’s own desire through entrusting confidence
intrinsic power of curiosity
a feeling for Self formation
cultivating self-enhancive curiosity
belonging in development: background of self-formative learning

building oneself: level-growth (gaining higher generativity)
broadening oneself (breadth / depth of generativity)
developmentality as generative modeling

    enowning development: a manifold sense of self formativity
  phenomenality | April 2011
    a good way to understand phenomenology as primarily existential
  frametime | April 2011
    an excursion on evocative enframing
  once upon a time | April 2011
    further rendering my entrancement with phenomenological thinking
  among evolving characters | April 2011
    a sense of autotelic potential in conceptual relativity
  autotelic self | May 2011
    incipient notes on the nature of creative individuation (very gradually developing)
being of high presence clearly
protean self
how a protean self is not duplicitous
differencing: being variably a part
a sense of Self / [inter]personal difference
transpersonal differencing
a sense of manifold selfidentity alive through stable character
appropriative thinking
idealizing a protean intrapsychality Of being in Time
autotelic mind: inquirial Eros (same as main headers below, except for bolded items here)
      feeling for the “thing”
philosophy of “mind”: a love story
selformativity of Self
AEros of flourishing
intimacies: 6 subparts


  enlanguaging mind | February 2008
    notes in light of The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics
  feeling for the “thing” | October 2011
    phenomenality, intuition, reliabilism, liminality, and primordial potentials
  biomindality | November 2011 | May 2012
    prospecting an “evo-devo” conception of “mind” in “nature”: intelligence, ontogeny, and naturalized phenomenology
  philosophy of “mind”: a love story | December 2011 | May 2012
    musing about a concept of highly minding
  selformativity of Self | December 2011 | May 2012
    a one-page, five-part conception of individuation that should be expanded into separate pages
  project references | September 2010
    citation resource page for online projects, currently for 3 indicated projects





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