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scaffolding presence, part 5 of 6
gary e. davis
April 30, 2017

Well-ordered life is good for us. Also good is validating the good order of others who need validation against their anxiety about good order.

He plays well with others—being heuristic, at least; better: pragmatic, which is about mediating my loves (that can’t be confessed) in terms that are comfortable to others. Call it Janus-faced genuineness, between heights and shared grounds.

May heartfulness of phenomenology be interplay of empathy and appreciation.
(It’s not a question.)

“Dramactional thinking approaches any action as s/p differentiable (if not differentiated),” he said, “whether or not it’s apparently ‘dramatic.’...Every life is made of actions serving background engagements, scripting one’s life in terms of actions,...actualizing projects in terms of what one does....”

But, constellations of high love are surely by “obscure” designs, relative to developing—evolving?—purposes, drawn at best by some horizonal gravity in divining.

One hopes.

Here, we’re self-consolidating, secured in manifoldly differentiating interplay—well mannered enough (by all accounts?), but well oriented irt our ownmost domain, even incisive in aspiration, audaciousness. Here in heart, auratic, fluid manifolding plays into elastic (even viscous) bonds of interplay, mirrorplay, on our way to crystallizing points.

“Yet, you’re such a questionable voice, ‘how do we tell the dancing from the dancer on the way to her dance?’”

Ask. You did. Then, we had our unforgettable days, thanks to which we were launched into separate ways.

But I didn’t ask to be protean—better than chameleon!: not superficial or sycophantic or tediously compliant.

And not what one might think of living theater: unreliable (shape-shifting), merely acting (if not unethically duplicitous). And more than flexibly adaptable.

Supple “soul,” yes (I aspire). There’s much to be said for high and deep and farsighted and broad scale, as ideal, not pretense: comprehensive scalarity of desire, adventuring.

Brilliant scalarity of desire and creative capability would be nice—phenomenagenic, topogenic radiance!

To be educive of “gods”: breathtaking conceptions, as if divined from “heavens,” said they who came back from peaks, otherwise unable to account for revealed self-differentiations of Self as self-consolidation of the work, as personability of teaching.

Zeus sprung from the head of whom?

Forever forgotten.

But conceptions flourished. Great Continuums of individuation evolved. Emergence of minds became leading, again and again, and defined our evolutionarity (perhaps the Master Concept of prevailing over all) as Earthlings.

The origin of high creativity lives in futural horizons, as if intrinsic human interest draws us like some awing angel—the Inner Child of one, mirroring potentials—facing us while drawn into the wind (the “spirit”) of ultimate appealing we happily follow like a silly rainbow that’s supposed to be attainable true love lasting forever.

The gift is: learning never ends, as long as we’re heirs of futures, in light of which we script lineages about those of whom we’re thankful, though they couldn’t imagine us.

Exuberance, tempestuousness, passion, elation, serenity—crucible of synergistic generativity—let there be no ending.


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