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  improvisations through 2011: part of Cycle 1

This was an area for whatever writing I wanted online that didn’t seem to belong in other areas. It was barely begun, having examples of kinds of garden plots I would see flourish.


august 2010
  a singularity
    What am I doing here?

january 2011
  Jungian ‘Shadow”
    I’m not Jungian, but the tropology of these folks can be fascinating.

september 2010
  days go by
    The title echoes a 1986 Laurie Anderson soundtrack of the same name on her Home Of The Brave. This is 11 narratives, mostly autobiographical, some fictional.
  Habermasian “evolving project”
    My Habermasian engagements trace back many years, though this project (vital to me) was
not axial for what I'm generally doing. It’s archival now, but its links to later work is important
to me.
october, 2007 / december 2006
  american earthling notes
    Where are we?




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